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Dr. Esze Tamás, Attorney at Law

Dr. Esze Tamás ügyvéd
  • Representation criminal and civil cases
  • Preparation of legal documents, contracts, deeds
  • Corporate Law, including incorporation (Ltd), taxes, etc.

I have received the certificate of final examination in the Mihály Táncsics Secondary School in Kaposvár, Hungary. After that, I studied law and obtained the law degree in the Law School of the University of Pécs, Hungary in 1969.
After having served the time for a lawyer candidate in the 2. Lawyer Team in the City of Kaposvár, I became a licensed attorney at law in the same law firm in the Year of 1971. I have a private practice since 1991 and l've been a member of the council of the Lawyer's Chamber of the Somogy county.